Euro 2016: Best Moments & Fails

Love or hate the new 24 team format we countdown the best moments of Euro 2016 along with some moments we might want to forget...

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Euro 2016: Best Moments & Fails

Love or hate the new 24 team format we countdown the best moments of Euro 2016 along with some moments we might want to forget...

Written By Brian Watson - July 12, 2016

Some have argued that this year’s Euro format didn’t work, producing a dull and prolonged tournament that lacked intensity and excitement. However, the new 24 team arrangement undeniably resulted in this year’s tournament being all about the underdog. Teams that previously struggled to qualify were spurred on by their fans to achieve some unbelievable results. Albania won their first match ever in the European tournament while Wales and Iceland seemed to defy all odds and triumph over teams who were perceived by the audience to “have it in the bag”. One of the issues critics had with the new format was their opinion that some of the smaller teams had not earned their place, surely without this new format fans would not have had the chance to watch and support the glorious victories of Albania vs Romania, Wales vs Belgium and Iceland vs England?

Evidently this new format has kept the most well-established teams on their toes while giving others a nasty surprise. Perhaps playing against a bigger pool of teams whose tactics and formations are unfamiliar will open the playing field, excuse the pun, to a more diverse and unpredictable era of football.


Check out our rundown of the best moments and fails of Euro 2016.



Xherdan Shaqiri’s goal against Poland was undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best goal in the tournament. His superb bicycle kick landed an equaliser which took the match to penalties. Switzerland ultimately lost but Shaqiri’s goal certainly deserves commendation.

Hal Robson-Kanu’s goal against Belgium has been touted as Wales’ best ever goal. The 27 year old scored the “wonder-goal” to bring Wales to a 2-1 lead over the Belgian side. What makes the goal so spectacular is the way he deceived 3 Belgian defenders and managed to get it past the goalie. Robson-Kanu made the most of an opportunity managing to score in a tight spot before the opposition surrounding him knew what had happened.

The Wales’ fans in Cardiff didn’t hold back their emotions on winning when the final whistle blew. Their reaction is almost as good as the goal.

Albania’s victory against Romania made history as it was the first win the team had ever had in the European championships. The heartwarming scenes of sheer jubilation and pride from the players, fans and country were endearing considering, despite their victory, they were still out of the tournament. Not only was it the first time they won a match in a major tournament, it was the first time they had ever scored a goal. The players received a hero’s welcome home, their Italian coach was granted Albanian citizenship and the captain awarded the key to Tirana, Albania’s capital city. The nation is undoubtedly ecstatic at their achievements and everybody loves a feelgood story. See Here 


Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon experienced instant karma after his team’s 2-0 defeat of Belgium in the early stage of the tournament. The showman ran the entire length of the pitch and attempted to jump and swing on the crossbar in an audacious show of celebration. Unfortunately for the Italian he lost his grip and landed flat on his back in the goals.


German manager Joachim Low sickened viewers watching the Germany vs Ukraine game. He was caught stuffing his hand down his trousers TWICE! To make matters worse after digging his hand back out he appears to sniff his post-fumbling fingers. Understandably viewers were disgusted and took to twitter to vent their repulsion. See Here

Ronaldo’s injury in the Championship final was overshadowed by the moth that appeared to comfort him. His flying friend landed just above his tear filled eyes and instantly became a twitter celebrity racking up 10 twitter accounts shortly after. Some jokers even reported that the moth was booked to star in the next series of Celebrity Big Brother. See Here

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Written By Brian Watson

Brian Watson

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